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Crisis or Consciousness?

This week, we had a new patient walk into the office who was a 35 years old male. Most people would say he’s a young guy at 35 years old, I know I would. However, he doesn’t feel so young. Last week he went to the hospital with severe chest pains and thought "am I having a heart attack”. While at the hospital, he was evaluated, treated with multiple medications, and then released. Although he left the hospital with a fist full of prescriptions medications, he was no closer to learning how to get better and avoid the next crisis in his life than when he walked into the hospital. So, he started searching the web for what to do and he found our office, Wellness Solution Centers. His main motivation was thinking to himself, “I’m way too young to be having chest pain, anxiety, and having to go to the emergency room". Next time, I may not be so lucky to walk out of the hospital.

When he came to our office, we did a thorough history asking him things such as his current state of health, his current symptoms, the medications he is currently taking, and most importantly what his long-term health goals are. You can’t hit a target if you first don’t know, and very specifically I might add, what the target is? We next moved on to his exam, measuring and producing his Wellness Score. A Wellness Score is a report that we produce for a patient that is a compilation of different health biomarkers that we obtain during the exam. Things such as blood pressure, resting heart rate, muscle-to-fat ratio, waist circumference, BMI, core strength, core flexibility, posture score, blood markers such as cholesterol and blood sugar numbers, inflammatory markers, vitamin D3 levels, and many others. The data is evaluated and scored by software based on a person’s age and gender. So, for example, the software will not compare a 20-year-old to a 60-year-old when it comes to blood pressure or muscle mass. Your data is compared to optimal numbers for someone your age and your gender. So, what was this patient's overall Wellness Score out of 100? It was 46, a big fat F. He is failing when it comes to his health. So, no wonder why he is feeling the way he feels and had to go to the hospital in a crisis situation. If he doesn’t change, things won’t go much better in the future and he has A LOT of time left to live.

Your physiology and Wellness Score represents how you live your life. They are effects, NOT causes. We have to STOP treating disease and START treating lifestyles. So many people who are taking medications are just managing the poor effects (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety/depression, low thyroid, etc.) of the causes they’ve set in motion years ago. Things such as a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, a high-stress life, lack of loving relationships, no supplementation, lack of sleep, numerous chemical addictions, etc. Whatever the problems with your health, most likely it won’t be solved at the same level of thinking or "lack of thinking" in which they were created.

They are only going to be solved through CONSCIOUSNESS. Thinking differently leads to acting differently. You have to THINK about your health, thoughts such as having a strong WHY to change, knowing how to change or who can help you change, and finally figuring out how you are going to break the bad habits and replace them with good ones. All of these things require massive change and massive change only happens through a conscious, deliberate process.

Will our new patient do the work starting with “re-thinking” how he is living his life and ending with creating a healthy environment and healthy habits? We’ll see, but he’s off to a great start by recognizing that he needs help. A crisis in your life is often a powerful motivator and sometimes second chances are the ones we need to kick us in the rear and wake up.

When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of 2 characters, one represents danger and the other represents opportunity. I’m hoping this patient sees the danger in his Wellness Score and seizes the opportunity for a new start with his health.

Yours in great health,

Dr. Dane Donohue

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