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Energy - The Ability To Do Work

We had a family reunion along the Jersey shore this past weekend and I had the opportunity to connect with a lot of my family members whom I don’t get to see that often. I’ve learned so much from my family over the years. I’m an early riser, so are my mom and uncle so one morning the three of us had coffee together while everyone was sleeping. My uncle said something and I thought it was so simple yet so profound, “Productive people have more energy than unproductive people”. It’s one of those things where you say, “Well, no sh!t Sherlock”. However, the simple things were placed on earth to confuse the smart people. Think about the people you know and admire in your life. Maybe they’ve built a successful business. Maybe they have created or invented something incredible. Maybe they are an amazing mother or father. Maybe they are a talented athlete and have excelled in a particular sport. Maybe they have an amazing home. If you admire someone, it’s probably because they’ve done or created something amazing. You CAN’T do something or create something amazing without lots of energy. OK, maybe someone can get lucky and do something great once in a while, but if you want to persistently create success over a lifetime, it’s going to take energy. It doesn’t matter if it’s your health, your finances, your career, your family, your home, your (insert anything here); if you want to build something great, you need lots of energy.

If you look up energy in the dictionary, do you know what it says? Energy is defined as “the ability to do work”. You can’t get anything done without it. The more energy you have, the more potential you have to be productive. Notice I said “potential”; just because you have energy doesn’t mean you are productive. I know lots of people who have loads of energy and don’t do anything productive with it. However, without energy, you simply are not going to be productive in life.

Success in life, happiness in life, fulfillment in life, love OF life is all tied to your ability to give back in some way. In fact, research shows that happiness in life is directly related to your ability to serve outside of yourself in some way. When you serve something beyond yourself, you are giving your time and talent away, and mostly you are giving away your energy.

Albert Einstein taught us that energy is not created or destroyed, only transferred in forms. E = MC², in other words, energy is matter and matter contains energy. When you put energy into something, you are putting a piece of yourself into that something or someone. Healthy productive people realize that if they are going to be productive, they must fuel themselves first. You can’t give from an empty cup; you can’t drive with an empty gas tank and you can’t give to another without energy. Think about your life and ask yourself if you have the mental and physical energy to be productive today? Do you have gas in the tank today? Is today just going to be another day OR are you going to produce something great today? Creating an awesome life takes focus, takes commitment, takes work, and most of all, it takes energy.

Energy is a funny thing. We can’t buy it and plug it into ourselves. We aren’t like our cell phones where we can plug into an outlet at night while we sleep and recharge our battery. Energy is produced by our cells through complex mechanisms. Everything we do is either giving us energy or taking from our energy reserves. Energy comes from the food we eat, the water we drink, the movements we make, the air we breathe. Energy in = Energy out. Garbage in = Garbage out. If you think about everything you are putting into your body (mental and physical) as the energy source that will ultimately create productivity or inactivity, you will start thinking more about what you are putting into your body or not putting into your body.

There are so many ways to put “rocket fuel” back into your tank and so many ways to use this fuel to make a great life for yourself and others. Next week, I’ll discuss HOW to create more energy in your life so you can do the things you want to do to become the person you want to be. Most people lack the energy and desire to figure out how to produce greatness in their life. Life has the potential to give you ALL the things you desire, however you must first possess the energy to produce them.

Best in Health,

Dr. Dane

Dr. Dane Donohue is a Chiropractor in Newtown PA and has been serving his community for over 25 years. Wellness Solution Centers provides all the services you need for a healthy life.

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