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Everyone wants immunity, but nobody wants to die to get it

I've seen more deaths due to Covid and more people getting infected recently. I've talked to many patients whose family and friends recently got Covid. Having had Covid myself in November, it's really got me thinking about whether this virus is truly escapable, or whether it's a matter of having a good enough immune response to survive when you are ultimately infected. Immunity is acquired either artificially through vaccines or naturally through getting the infection or both. Most patients I've spoken with who got Covid were vaccinated and others were not. However, it appears that more deaths are occurring in the unvaccinated.

This blog is NOT about whether you should get vaccinated. That's a personal decision and it's should not be made by anyone other than YOU. The goal is to get IMMUNITY! Here is a scenario I likened it to. You live along the coast and a bad hurricane is coming. Will your home survive? Should you evacuate? Could you die if you stay? You need to make a decision. However, that decision depends on a lot of factors, doesn't it? How well built is your home and is it hurricane proof? If it's made of concrete and has hurricane-proof windows, it stands a much better chance than if it's made of particleboard and not built to hurricane standards. Also, how bad is the hurricane? Covid affects each person differently and some people have much more damage due to the virus than others. However, here is what I KNOW, once a hurricane is in the forecast, the time to prepare has gone. All we can do is watch the radar and pray. We lose sight of the fact that we may not have been properly prepared for it in the first place. But guess what? Another will come again, will you be prepared for it this time?

The real question we should be asking ourselves is, "HOW do I get my house strong enough to withstand the hurricane when it comes so I don't have some much destruction and lose the house entirely?" Even though I quarantined for 10-days and lost my smell and taste for about a week, Covid was like any other flu that I've had in the past. In fact, I got a lot done around the house during this 10-day quarantine. However, there are a lot of people who are not so fortunate. The virus is the SAME, although it may be a different strain, however, the outcome can be different for so many.

I never in my lifetime thought I would live through a pandemic. The emotion and divisiveness that this has created are incredible. It's one thing if people chose to smoke or drink themselves to death. Their choices lead to their consequences, correct? However, when someone has Covid and could pass it on to a vulnerable individual, it's a whole different ballgame. It's like 2 people living together, one who chooses to smoke and one who doesn't, however, both people die of lung cancer. Or worse, the person who chooses to smoke survives lung cancer, and the person who didn't smoke dies.

Is this really the new norm? Wow, I hope not. I understand both sides of the argument but the thought that I have to get multiple vaccines for every strain of harmful virus that comes along just doesn't make sense long-term to me compared to trusting my innate immune system. I've never seen man with all his intellect try to take a natural system and artificially make it better than it was already. Do we really know what we're doing long-term to the human race here?

Multiple studies have confirmed that natural immunity is better long-term than artificial immunity and please don't misconstrue what I'm saying, I'm NOT saying don't get vaccinated. I'm saying that if you aren't vaccinated and get Covid AND survive, you are better off long-term because you will be less likely to get the infection again. However, do you really want to risk dying to get long-term immunity? Most don't want to take that chance and I understand why. But either way, you slice it, aren't we putting the rights of some above the risk of others? Who is right, who is wrong and what risks outweigh whose rights? It's a complicated discussion and that's why I believe it is a personal decision and we should respect everyone's decision but we SHOULD respectfully discuss it and question the narrative.

I've studied this extensively and understand WHY people get Covid, how their bodies respond to infection, and why some people are much more vulnerable to death (immunocompromised) than others (immunocompetent). Science is starting to show us why some houses withstand the storm while others are destroyed. Let's learn from this so that we can build our houses better and stronger from the inside out and be prepared for the next hurricane that will inevitably strike again.

In my next blog, I will discuss why some people are more vulnerable to Covid-related death and what you can do to prevent severe infection and death. We are all going to be exposed to this virus and other viruses that can cause death, the key question is "are you prepared?".

Best in Health,

Dr. Dane Donohue

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