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Extreme Ownership of Your Life and Health

Last week I was discussing habits because I am re-reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. The good Lord knows I have bad habits and good habits and I am always trying to replace the bad ones with good ones.

Because I am a "bookworm" (I love reading) and a "tapeworm" (I love podcasts and audiobooks), I started a new audiobook this week that I am loving, Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink.

There are two set habits that I have developed over the years that serve me. These two habits really help me learn and get clear on what my priorities are:

1.My "Hour of Power" (which I am doing right now), my 5 am-6 am ritual of meditation, prayer, reading, organizing, and planning my day.

2.My "Ride Time", my 45-minute ride to the office where I love listening to my podcasts and audiobooks.

We must examine our life and realize that where we are with our life is because of the choices we've made up to this point. Don't like your health? It's because of the choices you made. Don't like your financial situation? It's because of the choices you made. Don't like your relationship? It's because of the choices you made. Here is the good part, YOU CAN make a different choice once you take EXTREME OWNERSHIP for your life. In other words, if STOP making excuses, blaming people and circumstances for your problems, and recognize that your choices are the direct reflection of your most deeply ingrained habits, you can radically change anything about your life. I think awareness and awakening are crucial. Can you wake up and become aware of what needs to change to make your life a "blissful dream" instead of a "living nightmare?" Here is the test, do you wake up each morning, hop out of bed, and look forward to the day? Or, would you rather go back to bed and wish that you didn't have to face the day?

What habits need to change in your life and what habits can you use to replace them? For example, it's easy for us to get home from work and put on the TV. At the end of the day, you're tired, you've worked all day and we all feel like we deserve some downtime. But TV is addicting. Watching TV once in a while isn't a problem, but when you come home every night and watch hours of TV, that's a problem. It's a habit that does nothing to build you up mentally or physically. Can we replace this habit with an exercise class scheduled at 5 or 6 pm? If we exercised hard at night, we'd be too tired to watch hours of TV when we got home. You can't just eliminate bad habits, you have to replace them with good ones. This is called "Awareness Training". Become "aware" of what your bad habit is and what cues drive it. Is it the time of day? The people you are with? The place you are at? For example, people drink a lot more alcohol at a bar than at church. I know this sounds obvious but if the cue is every time you go to a particular bar or restaurant, you drink too much, then stop going and go somewhere else! If you hang out with a particular person and they influence you into bad behaviors like drinking, eating, shopping too much, or any other destructive behavior, consider hanging out with someone new!

Remember, a bad habit is hard to break unless you bring massive awareness, creating new cues and routines to replace that bad habit.

We are running a "21 Day Reset Challenge" for our practice members and anyone who wants to participate online. This is a virtual, online challenge so you don't even need to come into the practice if you don't want to. What are we resetting and rebooting? Specifically, all the important habits pertaining to health and wellness. How you eat and supplement, how you move and exercise, and how you think and manage stress.

Join me on October 6th at 6:30 pm as I go through the 21-Day Reset Challenge. This will be a Virtual Zoom meeting and the link to sign up is below. I will cover exactly how this 21 Day Reset Challenge will work including meal plans, shopping lists, daily virtual programmed workouts, daily meditations, inspirational stress management strategies tools, and much more.

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