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Hitting the Reset Button

Last night I did an orientation online for our 21 Day Challenge Reset Program which begins this Monday, October 12th.

You should consider joining the program with us!

Why? Here are some features of the program:

1.100% online

2.Scripted online workouts with top-notch trainers

3.All meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes are provided for 21 days

4.Daily short meditations and inspirational videos and challenges

5.Easy-to-use online Kajabi format and platform.

Imagine walking towards a big cliff and the only trouble is that you're not paying attention. Maybe because you're talking to a friend or you're on your cell phone. Sound familiar? Most of us can relate to this. That's how it is with most people's health. They are unaware that they are walking towards their own demise without knowing it. Some are walking really fast towards it too.

Ask yourself; Do I smoke? Do I drink too much alcohol? Do I take drugs (prescription and/or illicit)? Do I eat processed foods? Do I eat way too much sugar and/or carbs? Do I not sleep well? Do I not exercise much? Well, you are taking steps in the wrong direction towards your own early demise. Why the heck would you do that? Wake up! Look up! The edge of the cliff is coming and once you step over, there is no turning back.

Some people are lucky, they have a scare like a heart attack or a diagnosis that can be cured. The walk to the edge of the cliff, look down, turn around, a walk quickly the other way. Some people aren't paying attention and walk right over the edge. Which one will you be? I hope you choose to be on a different path altogether. Our mission, our purpose at Wellness Solutions is to get our patients turned around and walking on the path that will help people experience a long, healthy, GREAT life.

Please watch the orientation video . It will go over the whole 21 Day Challenge, how it works, and how you can sign up!

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