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I had 8 lbs of fun over the holidays...

Well, I stepped on the body composition analyzer that we have in my office on Monday, and I was blown away, but not in a good way. I like to do my body scan every month or two and I had done my last scan right before Thanksgiving. I was 178.5lbs, 14.7% body fat and I was carrying 14lbs of fat in my trunk (belly). This past Monday I did my scan and I ballooned up to 186.5 lbs, 17.5% body fat, and 18 lbs of fat in my trunk. All this happened carnage happened in approximately one month! Wow, 8 lbs of holiday fun in one month.

Every year during the holidays, I enjoy the season and all it has to offer; the holiday parties, the cookies, the dinners out with friends, the booze, and the trips to New York City and Philly to see family. However, I was blown away when I realized that I had gained 8 lbs. I have an “alarm weight” set for myself. I’m 5’10 and once my weight goes over 180lbs, my internal alarm clock goes off and I realize that I have crossed the line. It’s time to reign it in and get a hold of my cravings (sugar, alcohol, fat). I don’t care that much about weight, I care about how my weight makes me look, feel, and function. I feel and function so much better when my weight is within my “healthy range”, for me between 175-180 lbs.

I know if this can happen to me, it can happen to most people. I know a few people who are so fanatical and disciplined about their health that they NEVER struggle with making the right health decisions. However, most of us are human and we are at the mercy of our addictions and cravings. We think we control them, however, they control us! I don’t know about you, but for me, these cravings are a daily struggle. I KNOW as a doctor in practice for 30 years, that ongoing poor decision-making is what is taking people out. The people in this country are overweight, living with poor health, on multiple medications, and suffering a long, slow descent towards disability and early death. Not the way I want to go, you?

We MUST be aware of our choices when it comes to our health. To be aware of our choices, we MUST be aware of our habits, that which we do often and without much thought or deliberation. My favorite quote on habits is by Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do”. Yes, we are, and there are very scientific reasons WHY we do what we repeatedly do. Unless we understand what creates our habits, we can’t change them.

I started my 10-day detox 3 days ago, and I’ve already lost 3lbs (most through my belly) but more importantly, I feel SO much better. I’m less congested, have more energy, sleeping like a baby, am way clearer in my thinking, and am less irritable. I’ve learned that it’s ok to spill the milk and make a mistake or two, or 30 in my case. However, it’s not ok to clean up the spill because that’s what gets you into trouble eventually. Your future self is counting on the decisions you make today. Is it time for you to clean it up? In my next blog, I’m going to go into the specifics of how we form habits, both good and bad, and how to change your habits, your health, and your life along with it.

Best in Health,

Dr. Dane

PS: Please share this if you think someone could benefit from the information!

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