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My truth, your truth, and THE truth

In all my life, I have never seen so many opinions and so many people divided about what are the right things to do relative to this Covid pandemic. Let’s just take a few important decisions we've had to make this past year. Do I socially distance myself from my family and friends? Do I wear a mask? All the time? Both inside and outside? Do I keep my kids home or send them to school? Do I get vaccinated? When and which vaccine is best? What supplements should I be taking to keep my immune system strong? Do supplements work? What else works to keep me and my family healthy and safe? We’ve had to contemplate more information and data this past year than ever before. When lives are at stake, people pay attention. The decisions we make relative to this information could be life and death decisions.

It seems to me that many people have lost the ability to think critically and are actually making decisions based on their opinion (subjective truth) rather than the facts (objective truth). Some people are downright murdering the truth and worse yet, spreading this false information to others. Fear mongering and lies are spreading almost as fast as Covid has.

Here is an important point: just because you don’t know that you don’t know, doesn’t make what you say a lie. Let me repeat that and please read it slowly. JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW THAT YOU DON’T KNOW, DOESN’T MAKE WHAT YOU SAY A LIE. If someone gives you false information and you believe it, it may be true to you but objectively it’s a LIE. It’s not true but if you believe it, it true to YOU. Let’s say you don't know anything about math, nothing. Someone you know comes along a tells you, 1 + 1 = 3. If you don’t know any better and you know and respect the person telling you, you think “they have no reason to lie” and you will probably believe them. However, 1 + 1 = 3 is not true. Worse yet, what if you feel obligated because this is important, lives are at stake to start telling everyone you know, “Hey, did you know 1 + 1 = 3”. I know this is absurd because we understand math and we know the answer. But what about virology and immunology? Are you an expert? Do you understand how your immune system works scientifically? Do you know the difference between a B cell and a T cell? Why according to a recent poll are 8 out of 10 Democrats planning to be vaccinated vs. 5 out of 10 Republicans who are planning to be vaccinated? Does the virus infect and affect democrats more than republicans? No, their beliefs and truths are different. It has nothing to do with objective reasoning and logical conclusions. It has to do with what you believe to be true. The problem is that what you believe could dead wrong.

If you want to have an intelligent conversation with me or with anyone for that matter, you should know the difference between a belief and a fact, an opinion, and a truth. Something that is true has been proven over a long period of time, like gravity. Gravity for example is not an opinion, it’s a reality. I know that if I jump off my roof, I’m going to break something.

Here is another truth, you have an immune system, and the stronger it is, the more likely you are to survive Covid and/or any other viral or bacterial attack. This isn’t my opinion, this is a fact. How do I know? Because objectively, I see it in the data. Healthy people have better outcomes than unhealthy people. Period, end of story. It’s been proven over time. Why? Because their immune function is better and this not only makes them more resilient to Covid but to all diseases. The idea that “anyone” can become sick and die is NOT supported by science. Please show me the study that shows that large numbers of healthy (meaning they aren’t sick before infection) have died? I want to see that objective data. Not the one-off younger person that you heard of from a friend of a friend who died. But the study that shows healthy people die of Covid? You won’t find the study and if you do, I want to know who funded it?

What you choose to do, how you chose to behave is up to you. But it should be supported by objective reality (science and data) and not your “opinion”. You know what they say about opinions, “we all have one and they usually stink”. You want to get the vaccine, great! Show me the science and data to support it. You want to wear a mask; no problem, show me the science behind it. You want to take Vitamin D3 by the truckload; awesome, show me the studies that support it. You think that adjustments make your immune system work better; awesome, prove it. In other words, don’t be intellectually LAZY. Do the work, READ the science, and know who funded it. Good science is objective, not biased.

Here is a subjective statement: Covid is really scary and everyone should stay home.

Here is an objective statement: The science shows that healthy people don’t die of Covid.

The goal for you should not be to not get Covid. As a matter of fact, it’s not going anywhere and there is a good chance you will be exposed to it. The goal should be to be as healthy as possible and to weather the storm should you get it. By the way, I haven't gotten Covid yet and I'm not afraid of it. That's not my opinion, that's the truth!

Best in Health,

Dr. Dane

Dr. Dane Donohue is a Chiropractor in Newtown PA and has been serving his community for over 25 years. Wellness Solution Centers provides all the services you need for a healthy life.

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