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Saying Farewell to Abi and Welcome to Drew

As we all know, life changes and brings with it new opportunities. Our trainer at Wellness Solutions Center Abi is moving back to her home country of Whales in the UK. Although this is sad news for us and those of you who have come to know her and train with her, we are excited for her and her family. She has been a dedicated team member and an excellent functional trainer for many years at WSC. Her level of knowledge and her ability to help our patients with posture and mobility issues will be sorely missed. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

After many interviews, we have hired a new trainer and many of you have already met him. His name is Andrew Spengler. As you know, I am very particular about our training room and the objectives we are trying to achieve with our patients. Our goal in the training room is first and foremost, good posture and mobility. As the saying goes, “posture follows mobility like a shadow”. With good posture and mobility, it is much easier to achieve strength and cardiovascular conditioning because you can move better and work harder without injuring yourself. Drew, like Abi, is committed to having patients move with proper posture and movement. Having a back injury and issue himself has made him sensitive and empathetic to people with spine pain and joint issues. Drew has worked at both the Abington and Willow Grove YMCAs working with people who have injuries and specialized needs. He is very bright, super friendly, and a VERY good listener, which was a trait that was non-negotiable for us in looking for a new trainer.

We are excited to expand our hours in the FTC (functional training center) and we are offering both 30-minute posture and mobility classes (posture prep) and 60-minute full functional training classes. The 30-minute posture prep classes will focus on mobility and posture-building exercises, while the 60-minute functional training classes will also incorporate strength and cardiovascular conditioning.

Please help us welcome Drew and look for our updated training room hours and class schedule. Remember, the best time to start exercising is sometime between yesterday and tomorrow, and the number one predictor of aging is loss of strength and mobility. So, get started TODAY!

Best in Health,

Dr. Dane

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