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Skeptical vs. Closed-Minded (Ignorant)

The other day, an interesting thing happened that happens often in my practice. A dad came in for a follow-up visit that I had with his 16-year-old son. The 16-year-old came in initially with his mother for his new patient evaluation for a low back problem that he was experiencing. The follow-up visit is usually the second appointment in our office where we review the patient’s exam findings, posture pictures, and x-rays. We also explain if we can help them, how Chiropractic works, and give them their first adjustment. The young man, David, was the last patient of the evening and I went out to the reception area to introduce myself to David and his dad Craig. I hadn’t met David (the new patient) yet because my associate Christine has done his new patient exam and taken his x-rays. Right away, from the time I shook Craig’s hand (David’s father), to the walk back to my office, I could tell from his body language that the father was curious and somewhat skeptical about what his son was doing in a “Chiropractors” office. I mean come on now, were not “real-doctors” are we? You can tell a lot from someone’s body language, tone of voice, and the dad’s body language and questions he asked me was asking me “I don’t know if my son should be doing this”. After all, the mom was the one who initially insisted that David come see us, but the dad was the one who was going to make sure that this “Chiropractic thing” was on “the-up-and-up”.

Something incredible happened though over the next 30 minutes. As I explained what was going on with David's spine, Craig went from being skeptical of Chiropractic to understanding Chiropractic. I could see the change as I asked his son questions and went over his posture pictures and x-rays with them both. As I explained WHY he was having back pain and what we need to do to fix it, the dad paid more attention and even agreed with me a few times when I talked to David about his posture and “screen time”, and how I thought this was causing issues in his neck that was compounding his low back pain. Chiropractic WORKS and it makes sense. It’s a simple concept, anything out of its normal alignment is not going to work as well as something in good alignment. Posture is an EFFECT and alignment is the CAUSE.

At the end of David’s appointment, the dad asked me if I could help him with a chronic neck and shoulder issue that he was having. I said, “I don’t know until I see what’s going on if I can help you?”. I am pretty sure that Dad will become a patient in my office. The dad went from a skeptic to grasping Chiropractic and understanding what it had to offer people. I can work with skeptics, but I can't work with close-minded people. Some of the biggest fans in my office started off being some of my biggest skeptics. When you get great results for people, you win them over.

The definition of ignorant is “lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated”. Get curious about things you don’t understand. That includes other people as well! You may be surprised by what you learn and how something or someone can benefit YOU in your own life.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Dane Donohue

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