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Talking about Vaccines

Lately, some patients have asked me if I'll be getting the Covid-19 vaccination once it comes out? Or they have asked me what I think about the vaccination? I think it's important, to be honest and transparent about this. Why? Because I know that I do more reading and research in this area than most of my patients so I am well informed of what is going on.

Additionally, I believe that any time you are injecting a foreign substance directly into your bloodstream, you should know a little about what it is, how it works if it's effective, and the potential side effects. Don't you agree? The goal is to make an informed decision and I've made one for myself and my family. I can't tell you what to do for yourself and your family. However, I hope it will be an informed decision made out of confidence in the validity of the vaccine, not out of fear, and not without verifying the science of how this vaccine works and the potential side effects.

My decision is that I will NOT be getting the vaccine but this does not surprise me because I haven't received a vaccination my whole adult life. Moreover, I can't remember the last time I was really sick, where I had to miss a day of work or receive pharmaceutical intervention of any kind. It's not that I'm invincible or won't get sick in the future, I may. It's also not that I wouldn't take a drug if I needed it, I just haven't needed it. I know that becoming sick is a possibility but it's just that I'm healthy by my choices, and I have total confidence in my body and in my immune system.

Covid has a .28% mortality rate, meaning that 1 person out of every 358 who is infected dies and most of these people had comorbidities that accelerated their demise. So, please tell me why I would inject something into my body that I have no idea about and is being rushed through development when 347 out of 348 people will recover without a vaccine? It doesn't make sense to ME. I've seen many people, some close to me, get Covid, get sick or test positive, and then recover. Not ONE person that I know personally has died. The bubonic plague from 1346-1353 killed 1 out of every 5 people worldwide. That's a 20% death rate. If 1 out of every 5 people I know were dying, I'd be scared and doing whatever I needed to do for myself and my family to stay safe. But a .28% death rate? I don't get it??

Also, here are some facts you may want to know about the Covid-19 vaccine in development.

1.AstraZeneca has halted its Covid-19 vaccine development because of an adverse reaction known as "transverse myelitis" in a study participant after receiving the vaccine.

2.This vaccine needs to be cultivated using other animal tissue such as chimpanzees, pigs, etc. so you are injecting their DNA into your body.

3.This is a messenger RNA vaccine that has never been used on humans on large scale so we don't know if it will be effective and what the side effects will be?

4.We are bypassing animal testing which is traditionally done and this doesn't seem safe to me??

5.Much like the flu, the Covid-19 virus will most likely mutate and so this year's vaccine may not protect you against next year's Coronavirus infection.

Here is what I do have faith in. My own immune system. We have 2 important branches of our immune system, the innate system (white blood cells) and adaptive system (B and T cells). They do an amazing job of fending off millions of bad viruses and bacteria ALL the time. Why do we have more faith in a vaccine that is being developed in less than a year than an immune system that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, has proven itself and has no side-effects when working properly? I just don't understand why we have such little faith in our own body and yet we put so much faith into vaccine?

That's my 2 cents and take it for what it's worth. However, remember you aren't picking a paint color for your bedroom. This decision is a big one with consequences.

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