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The Virus Who Stole Thanksgiving

In his book, How the Grinch stole Christmas, Dr. Seuss teaches us about a grouchy character named "The Grinch" who hates Christmas and tries to steal the joy of Christmas by stealing its meaning. Except he finds out that even without Christmas presents, decorations, Christmas trees, and food, the people of “Whoville” can still find joy in the true meaning of Christmas. When the Grinch finally realizes that perhaps maybe Christmas means a little more than just presents and feasting, his heart suddenly grows three sizes, he returns to Whoville to return all the Who’s Christmas belongings and participates in the Who’s Christmas celebration.

I feel like this Virus, the media, and this pandemic have stolen our presents and, in the process are trying to steal “our presence”. Being present is SO much better and healthier than receiving presents. Focusing on the moment in front of you instead of fearing the past or the future is a gift that most people don’t know how to unwrap. One of the greatest gifts that we can ever give ourselves is to find meaning and happiness in the greatest of adversities and challenges. There is a difference between liberty and freedom. Liberty is the state of being free from oppressive restrictions imposed by others such as our government. Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. If we let this Virus and our government (local, state, or national) take away our freedom to enjoy holidays and to give thanks, we may eventually give up our liberty for other freedoms as well. That scares me a lot more than a virus.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday by far. The thought of getting together with family, enjoying a beautiful meal together, laughing, loving, celebrating and watching football, well, it doesn’t get much better does it?

Don’t let this virus and the grinches who want us all to believe that this virus is going to kill every one of us and cripple our society as we know it, steal the most basic of all human freedoms, the ability to give thanks. In some way, I am more thankful this year than in all of my other years on earth. Life is promised to nobody and all of us must put our lives on the line to protect the most basic freedoms that make America great. If celebrating with family and giving thanks is a crime, well then they can come to get me and lock me up. The day we left the Government decide who should spend holidays together and who shouldn’t is a very sad day in my book. Families should decide where, why, and who spends this holiday together and who doesn’t.

When you can find happiness and give thanks in any circumstance, you are truly a blessed person. Bad things happen all the time to good people. Will some people get Covid and die? YES, and I may too but I’m NOT going to stop living my life! Be smart? Be prudent? Use common sense? YES! But stop enjoying life, shutter in fear and stop giving thanks? Never, Ever, EVER!

We may never know why, and I don’t believe that it is our responsibility to always have to find out why things happen the way they do. Learn lessons from experiences? Yes. Change our course of action from experiences? Yes. But to sit alone in a state of fear and panic serves NO purpose except to give the devil his due. People have fought for this country; people have died for this country and Thanksgiving is as American as the statue of liberty. Don’t let anyone steal your Thanksgiving. Find the true meaning of Thanksgiving within your heart and let it reverberate into your soul, pour out of your body, and bless those around you. Giving thanks for the things you hold sacred, the people you love, and the blessings that you have been giving is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. The turkey and football? Well, that just makes Thanksgiving a little better too.

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