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Top 10 Reasons You'll Need a Doctor

According to the Mayo Clinic and based on the Rochester Epidemiology Project of over 142,000 patient records, do you know the #1 reason why people go to their doctor? I bet you'll never guess the correct answer.

Surprisingly, it’s not heart disease, back problems, or diabetes. It’s skin disorders, things like acne, cysts, or dermatitis. Why would that be? I have an educated guess why skin disorders are the #1 reason people go to their doctor. It’s because our environment, both internal and external, has ruined our livers and digestive systems, which are our main organs of immunity and detoxification. These organs eliminate toxins, produce vital nutrients, provide immunity against pathogens, and absorb water. When we damage our sensitive gut lining, large proteins and toxins which should be eliminated from the body make their way back into the bloodstream. This is called “leaky gut syndrome”. When we damage our liver, we impair our body's ability to detoxify. The skin is the largest organ in the body and when our livers don't function well, we express these toxins, which lead to inflammation in the skin. So there you have it, skin diseases. Who knew? I see “toxic” skin in people all the time, just look around. However, it’s not just the skin that is inflamed, most of the time it’s our whole body. Inflammation comes from a Latin word, “inflame”, which means to “set fire”. What does proper liver and gut function along with drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water do? Well, consider that the fire department of your body.

Here is the whole list of most common reasons people go to the doctor:

1. Skin disorders

2. Osteoarthritis and joint disorders

3. Back problems

4. Cholesterol problems

5. Upper respiratory conditions, excluding asthma

6. Anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder (25% of women 40-60 take anti-depressants)

7. Chronic neurologic disorders (Alzheimer's disease is expected to triple within 50 years)

8. High blood pressure

9. Headaches and migraines

10. Diabetes

If you look at this list, it most likely accounts for the majority of the over-the-counter and prescribed medications people take. The total prescriptions filled in the U.S. have increased 85% in the last 2 decades, even though the population has only increased 21%. We are treating these problems pharmaceutically for the most part trying to medicate our way out of these conditions. When I take a hard look at this list, I see “diseases of lifestyle”. Not eating correctly, not moving and exercising correctly, not thinking and managing your emotions and stress correctly, not supplementing correctly, not sleeping correctly, not getting "adjustments" by our doctors, and finally not loving or being loved correctly, just to name a few lifestyle issues.

“Give a man a fish, he eats for the day; teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime”. You can also say, “Give a man a pill, he/she treats his/her problem for the day, teach a person how to be healthy, his/her treatment lasts a lifetime. When it comes to health, it’s simple, learn how to be healthy, have the discipline to DO healthy, and teach others, especially your family, how to be anddo healthy. Don't wait until you've lost your health to realize how important it was.

Best in Health,

Dr. Dane

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