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What if you Turned your Body “Inside-Out”?

4 Tips for getting your inside body looking as good as your outside body

The other day I was running and I saw a sign for “eyebrow threading”. It immediately caught my attention and I said to myself “what the heck is eyebrow threading?”. So, I went home and asked the most credible and reliable source I know when it comes to outer beauty, my wife. She told me that women do this remarkable thing, they glue eyelashes on to their existing eyelashes to create long and beautiful eyelashes. My immediate thought was, “it’s amazing what women do to make themselves look good”. I can’t imagine the time and money that women invest in the name of external beauty; hair, skin care, make-up, cosmetic surgery, clothing, shoes and the list goes on and on and on.  It must cost a small fortune!

Ask yourself this question. Is the inside of my body as beautiful as the outside? What have you done to invest in your inner beauty? What if I turned you inside out and looked at your bones, your liver, your lungs, your joints, your internal organs, your brain, your blood vessels. Would they be “beautiful”. If they weren’t “beautiful” and there were some “issues” with looks and appearance, what would you do? We always tell patients that “If you wore your spine on your face, you would take much better care of it”. Why? Because we would see it every day and we could tell if it were a mess! This applies to every part of your body; your brain, your spine, your heart, your liver, your blood vessels, your thyroid, etc.

Here are 4 tips to enhance your “inner beauty” and get the inside of your body looking as beautiful as the outside of your body.

1. Eat Clean. You are what you eat and your body becomes the food you eat. Look at your food and ask, “does this look like something I would want to put in my body?” Is it clean, is it natural, is it going to fuel and nourish my body? Is it going to clean me out or clog me up? Awareness and conscious deliberation of your food is key! Eat trash (sugar, bad fats, processed grains, fast food, etc.) and your inside will be trashed! Eat the beauty that God provided for us (natural food) and your insides will be as beautiful as nature is.

2. Move your body. We are genetically encoded to move our bodies. Every major function relies on movement to work properly, especially your Nervous and Cardiovascular systems. Did you know that 50% of the neurons in your brain are devoted to posture and movement? We re-charged our brain through movement so get moving!!!

3. Be Mindful and Grateful. Is your Mind Full or are you Mindful? There is a difference. Healthy minds lead to healthy choices. When we are stressed, we make poor choices. When we meditate, breathe deeply, sit quietly in nature, we allow the unconscious intelligence of the universe in. That intelligence created everything you see, the moon, the stars, the earth, the mountains, and you! You can’t talk and listen at the same time. God gave us 2 ears and one mouth and we talk too much! Most of the time, the conversation is happening in our mind! We can’t shut it off! Learn to mediate and get quiet. I love the app “Calm”. I use it every morning.

4. Have a wellness coach. You won’t succeed without guidance, a plan, and a person that

cares enough to hold you accountable to the health choices that will make you beautiful and healthy. You need a coach. You need a wellness coach. Don’t wait for sickness, be pro-active and get a health coach to monitor your biomarkers and show you the way to wellness. Consider it your “Wellness Sherpa” that will guide you to a beautiful life through a beautiful body, mind and spirit.

Please share this with someone who needs it!

It could save their life! Find you wellness coach at Wellness Solution Centers.

Wellness Solution Centers 215-968-1661

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