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What You Need to Know about Covid Vaccines

Recently, I’ve had a lot of patients ask me if I’m getting the Covid vaccine or telling me that they’ve gotten their shot(s). I’ve also had patients tell me that they are either not getting the shot or waiting a while to see what happens since the vaccine is new and experimental. I’ve studied it a lot for both myself, my family, and my patients, because I want to know how this vaccine works and if anyone is at risk for either taking it or NOT taking it. First, let me say that there is a risk for people if they take it or not. You can’t have it both ways. YOU have to decide for yourself if the reward warrants the risk. Don’t let anyone bully you into taking it or not. I don’t like bullies, never have, never will. If you ask me if I’m going to take it and I say no or yes then you should move on because if you try to make me feel stupid or make an ignorant comment, you care more about your need to be “right” than my need to have freedom over my body and my decisions. The right to respect people’s decisions is what I believe is causing so much divisiveness in our country right now. If I am not hurting others then respect my right to do what I think is in my best interest.

I do believe that people need to make informed decisions. They should also do the research if they get the vaccine, how it works, what the side effects may be, and most importantly why they should get it in the first place. I have had many patients, friends, and family who have gotten the vaccine and, had a super heightened immune response for a couple of days afterward. This is known as “SIRS”, systemic inflammatory response, and is due to an overactivation of the immune response. Remember, an underactive OR overactive immune response is not a good thing in my opinion. According to the CDC and VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), of the over 52 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines that were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through February 14, 2021, VAERS received 934 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. We want enough of an immune response to get rid of something that shouldn’t be in our bodies like a bad bacteria or virus but not so much that it starts taking out our own cells and tissues. Equally, there have been a lot of people who have died during this time of Covid disease and these people may have been protected by the vaccine.

If people choose to get it and they’ve done the homework, I respect their decision. If people like myself choose not to get it and have done their homework, then I don’t want anyone including the government forcing me to do something against my will because America is the land of the free not the land of the “forced”. I don’t want to live in a country where the government tells me what I have to do with my own body.

Here is some interesting information on the Covid-19 vaccine trials:

1. The vaccine is an mRNA vaccine meaning that it uses messenger RNA to code for a piece of the virus (the spike protein) and help your body produce antibodies to that specific protein. It is this protein that allows the virus to enter your cells. It is also believed that your body will produce antibodies to the virus once vaccinated.

2. In the vaccine trials, there were approximately 36,000 people in the Pfizer trial and 30,000 people in the Moderna trial.

3. These were double-blinded placebo-controlled studies meaning that the participants of the study were split into two groups, one received the vaccine and one a placebo. Neither the study participant nor the administering doctor/nurse/tech knew which they were receiving, vaccine or placebo.

4. In the Pfizer trial, out of 36,000 people, 94 people got Covid Disease (had to have 2 or more symptoms). 85 of those were in the placebo group and 9 were in the vaccinated group. The vaccine was 90% effective if you compare those who got sick and received the vaccine vs. those who got sick and didn’t receive it. But realize that only .04% of the people who received the vaccine got Covid disease and tested positive vs .043% of the people who didn’t get the vaccine and tested positive. Your chances of getting Covid disease was less than ½ of 1% in either group.

5. In the Moderna trial it was the same story. Out of the 30,000 participants, 95 people got Covid disease and 90 were in the placebo group and 5 were in the vaccinated group. A 94.5% improvement comparing vaccinated vs. placebo. However, you had a .04% chance of getting Covid disease in the vaccinated group and a .6% chance of getting Covid disease in the unvaccinated group.

In the final analysis, I believe you should do what you feel is in the best interest of your body. If you feel you are immunocompromised for any or multiple reasons, maybe the vaccine makes sense to you. My mother recently had the vaccine. Her father was a Chiropractor, her ex-husband was a Chiropractor, her brother is a Chiropractor and 2 of her children are Chiropractors and believe in a natural, holistic, drug-free approach to healthcare whenever possible. However, she felt more comfortable getting it and I respect my mother’s decision. She was sick as heck after her second shot but recovered and now feels better that she believes that she is protected. Myself, I’m not getting the shot because I haven’t gotten vaccinated in 40 years and I don’t plan on starting now. I have a very robust natural innate immune system and I believe that letting my body fight off disease is like training a muscle, it gets much stronger if you use it often. I work-out all the time, I take my immune-building supplements, I get good sleep, I get adjusted, I meditate and pray, and I get LOTS of hugs, which I believe all build my natural immunity.

It has been clearly demonstrated that this vaccine does NOT prevent transmission of Covid. What the vaccine is designed to do is to prevent the person infected from progressing to Covid disease and negative outcomes that may result from Covid disease.

David Hume said, “There is no such thing as freedom of choice unless there is freedom to refuse”. Please, let’s respect our “American” freedom to choose. It is what has always defined us as a nation and, if we lose our right to choose what to do with our own bodies, we have lost the greatest of all freedoms. We have turned a government by and for the people into a people by and for the government.

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