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Why we LOVE Thanksgiving...

Usually, when asking patients and friends about their Thanksgiving plans, this statement is brought up, “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday”. I think we all love the idea of getting together with family without the stress of having to go shopping or get the “right gift” for someone. I’d rather have someone poke me in the eye with a needle than go shopping. Ok, a little bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.

I think what most of us really love is a short glimpse of a magical pastime, family dinner at the dinner table. I’m old enough to remember this family ritual. Families use to get together almost every night for dinner. No, seriously, it happened. Our family dinner was at 5:30 pm. You had to be in your assigned seat at 5:30 pm sharp or there were serious implications. My brother, sister, and I were always on time. Life slowed down at the dinner table. There were some serious conversations, but mostly we learned about life from my mom and dad. They asked questions and my dad was always proud to share his knowledge by answering questions about subjects that we were just learning in school. I think we all get a “warm” feeling about our memories of life around the family dinner table, other than the occasional slap I got (I sat closest to my dad) for chewing with my mouth open or hiding the celery in my napkin. Well, Thanksgiving offers us an opportunity to get back to life at the dinner table. Many families, including ours, have a tradition of going around the table and saying what we are thankful for. In our family, we put all the names of the people at the table in a bag. Then each member picks a name, and we say what we are thankful for about that person. Somehow my Aunt Alex always makes sure we have the “right” person picked out. There is usually not a dry eye at the table after this start to the Thanksgiving feast. In our fast-paced, distracted life, Thanksgiving offers us a time to slow down, to get back to the one thing that almost everyone loves, a good meal around a beautifully set table to enjoy with family and friends. Thankful? You bet. I wish everyone an amazing day of Thanksgiving and if you are reading this, know that God created you in his image and he was pleased and “thankful” for what he created. You should be too! With much love and thankfulness, Dr. Dane

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