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Wellness Solution Centers

First Time Patients  


We provide a comprehensive approach to
healthy living.

Wellness Solution Centers, located in Newtown, PA is a state-of-the-art chiropractic and wellness facility dedicated to dramatically improving the quality of your health by addressing your physical, biochemical, and mental/emotional needs. 

Meet Dr. Dane Donohue

in this introduction to our office & services: 

Dr. Dane Donohue is a 3rd generation Chiropractor in Newtown, PA, who has been serving the people of Bucks County for almost 30 years. He is a well-recognized speaker and author within the Chiropractic profession and is responsible for developing 8 Weeks to Wellness and The Wellness Score which has helped thousands of patients around the world

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Your First Visit

Your First Visit.

We look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your health journey. 

Welcome to the premier wellness center in Bucks County! You will be welcomed as a member of our family. Your first visit will allow you and Dr. Dane Donohue to discuss your health needs. This starts with a conversation about what brought you into the office and any other health-related concerns you may have.  The goal of this visit is for Dr. Donohue and our Wellness team to learn more about you and your expectations.


Your first visit WILL include: 

  1. Review of presenting complaint

  2. Spinal Alignment/Posture Evaluation

  3. Core Stability Evaluation

  4. Muscle and Body Composition Analysis

  5. Wellness Score and General Health Evaluation

  6. Digital X-ray evaluation if necessary

  7. Blood tests if necessary

We highly recommend you take the time to complete our new patient forms prior to your visit. Otherwise, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill them out in the office. This paperwork provides us with your health history and information on your overall health. 



Explore what other's have to say about their Wellness Solutions Centers experience and the results they cultivated with the support of our team. 

What's your # 1 Health Goal: 

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Wellness Solution Centers is the premier provider for family health, sports performance, soft tissue therapies, nutrition and weight loss. 


Consultation Package Includes: 

Chiropractic Consultation


XRays (if needed)

Call us to schedule or fill out the form above and we

will be in contact shortly. 

PHONE NUMBER: (215) 968-1661

We all have our "why" for wanting to bring a wellness lifestyle into our households. 

What's your why?

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